Ask Yourself! Are Your Ready To Create An Online Course?

Do you want to create an online course? There are many benefits of having one. You can attract more clients, increase your credibility, and generate more revenue for your business! Turn your wisdom into wealth! If you’re wondering how to know if it’s the right time for you to start creating courses, this blog post will help answer that question and some tips to get started.

Do I have something to teach?  

Do I know a lot about something that others also want to learn more about? Then you are one step towards being ready to create an online course. Find out if the topic or subject you know a lot about is in demand. Ask yourself, what is it that you know that a lot of that others also want to know? Then, create your online course on this topic or subject matter.

Am I an expert in one area?

If yes, then create and sell courses related to everything you’re best at. Your expertise is your greatest gift to others. When you create an online course, be sure to create one that relates to what you know best.

Am I ready to generate a broader impact by sharing my knowledge with other people around the world by creating my own online course(s)?

When we create courses on things we’re experts in there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the positive impacts it has had on other people’s lives. Creating an online course generates a greater impact on your community because you are able to place all of your expertise in one place which makes it more accessible to your audience.

Do I have enough time to create an online course?

 Not having enough time to create an online course is one of the most common questions asked. But, creating an online course doesn’t have to be time-consuming. In fact, you will most likely find that you already have much of the content that will go into your course is already created. The timely piece comes into the strategy around knowing how to structure all of your knowledge, but an online course creator can support you with speeding up that process.

Want to get super savvy and save even more time? #GoMicro! That’s right, jump in and start with a micro-course! It’s a rising trend that focuses on bite-size content and micro-learning! Learn more about the micro-course by watching this video.

If you have answered yes to any of these above questions, then you are most likely ready to create an online course. Ready to get started? These steps will help!

Step one: Get clear on the benefits of starting this process.

This way, it’ll be easier for you to move forward confidently knowing what you’re getting into. For example, you can attract more clients, increase your credibility, and generate more revenue for your business…and that’s just the beginning of the list! Take a look at a recent micro-training I did on “3 Reasons Why You Need To Create an Online Course NOW”.

Step two: Start gathering and/or writing content related to your expertise

Start this now as practice before launching a full-blown online course. Having a solid idea of the potential topics in your course will also allow you to get leads and sell the course before it’s actually complete. Consider gathering or creating blog posts that are about the various areas of your expertise that you can repurpose into your future course’s modules.

Step three: Get support!

Find someone who is an expert at creating online courses so that they can help take the guesswork out of how to structure your course. Work with them to create a plan and allow them to walk you through the process and give you suggestions on how to create an online course that sells!

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