Turn Your Book Into an Online Course Without Pulling Your Hair Out

Have you thought about turning your book into an online course? If the answer is “yes”, then you are on the right track. But perhaps the thought of actually doing it has you wanting to pull your hair out.

Writing a book in itself is a huge accomplishment. Between writing your first draft and hitting publish, you’ve gathered and provided a wealth of knowledge for your community. And that is no small feat!

From Book To Online Course

And what a lot of authors don’t realize, is that an online course is the perfect next step. It is an easy way to “repurpose content” from that amazing accomplishment that you have already achieved – your book. There are numerous possibilities for using an online course to build your business and develop more income.

  • Using an online course to increase the value and transformation that your book content provides
  • Selling related services such as coaching or consulting
  • Using a micro-learning opportunity as a lead magnet to promote your book
  • Selling software or apps that are relevant to the topic of your book
  • Creating a mini-course to sell a workshop or event

If you’ve done the heavy lifting and gotten your book published, you have a distinct advantage over people that don’t have the content already written. You’ve most likely already gone through the journey of course creation and your key topics have already been identified.

Now, the goal of an online course is different from that of a book. Your audience is now looking to achieve specific results and you have the opportunity as a course creator to help them do just that with clear actionable steps!

Start by asking yourself these questions:
  • What will my audience want to achieve once they’ve read my book?
  • How could a course uplevel the learning experience of my book?
  • What are key topics in my book that could be broken down and explored in a deeper, more interactive way?
  • Is there a knowledge gap that can be filled with a micro-course?

Creating Your Course

Once you have considered these questions, it’s time to start mapping out your course. Remember, this is not about creating MORE content but rather using the content that you have already created.

1. Identify your key topics – decide what topics from your book will be included in your online course. Consider the reason why you are creating this course. If it’s to provide a lead magnet to lead to more book sales, you may decide to use a simplified version of the first topic presented in your book. However, if you are creating this online course to help your audience take action on the key topics presented in your book, you want to consider including all of the key topics.

2. Determine what lessons you want to include – when thinking about your lessons, examine what parts of the content have clear actionable steps that can be taught through the online course. This will also help you decide on the format of your course. A course that is teaching how to do something (ex: use an app, create a plan) will require a different format than an online course that helps move someone through a process or journey (ex: how to heal, self-discovery). This will also dictate what additional resources you may want to include in your course (ex: checklists, workbooks, reflections).

3. And…take ACTION – Now that the structure has been created, you are ready to jump into action and create that course! Recording your videos, gathering all your resources, and getting them uploaded onto an online course platform!

Still not sure where to start?

A micro-course is an easy way to get started by taking that amazing content from your book and testing the online course market. A micro-course is a course where there are no modules over 15 minutes (our brains actually learn best in 10-15 minute chunks anyway).

The topic is typically something very specific and niche. The introduction to your book or a basic theme or concept from the beginning chapters is a fantastic place to start. Not only will you be able to test your market but with videos under 15 minutes, it is not only easier to record but taking your course will be effortless for your audience!

Take a peek at my FREE micro-course on…you guessed it – how to create a micro-course! You’ll be able to see how easy it is to create and complete!

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