Rise and Shine: How a Powerful Morning Routine Unlocks Health, Purpose and Creativity

Wake up, brilliant ones! It’s time to ditch the snooze button and embrace the power of an intentional morning routine. You see, those sacred early hours hold the key to unlocking not just your health, but your true purpose and boundless creativity. And who better to guide us on this empowering journey than leadership legend Robin Sharma and his renowned book The 5 AM Club?

While many of you know that I am an early riser, on this day of the eclipse, a day of new intentions, I am recommitting to my morning routine and shifting it away from extra hours of work to gaining extra hours to work on ME. There is a reason why so many successful people wake up when the rooster crows.

Boosting Your Health

Let’s start with the health benefits, shall we? By rising before the rest of the world, you’re giving your body a head start on the day. You can squeeze in a rejuvenating workout (I love to do anything from running, spinning, walking and strateching), fuel up with a nutritious breakfast, and even find a few moments of blissful silence – a rare luxury in my chaotic life -especially in the morning. Trust me, there’s nothing quite like greeting the sunrise with a clear mind and a grateful heart.

Unlocking Purpose and Creativity

But the real magic happens when you harness the power of those early morning hours to unlock your purpose and creativity. As Sharma himself says, “Own your morning, Own your life.” By establishing a routine that includes activities like journaling, meditation, or reading inspiring literature, you’re effectively priming your mind for greatness and your life for more than you may possibly imagine.

This is a new chance to wake up each day with a renewed sense of clarity and focus, ready to tackle your biggest goals and dreams with unwavering determination. That’s the kind of energy that separates the brilliant from the mediocre, the trailblazers from the followers.

My 5 AM Club Mission

And that’s precisely why I’ve made a personal commitment to join the 5 AM Club. No more hitting snooze and letting precious hours slip away or waking up to work on my business instead of working on me. Now, I’ll be embracing the foundations of this life-changing movement:

  1. Wake up before 5 AM (yes, you read that right!)
  2. Practice 20 minutes of intense exercise (get those endorphins flowing!)
  3. Engage in 20 minutes of reflective silence (hello, inner peace!)
  4. Fuel up with a nutritious meal (brain food, anyone?)
  5. Start your day with focus and intention (brilliance awaits!)

Join the Early Bird Movement

Consider joining me on this empowering journey. What might it look like to rise above mediocrity and unlock the extraordinary within you! Grab your favorite mug, greet the sunrise with purpose, and let’s tackle each day with the unwavering brilliance we were born to share.

Who’s ready to start their day with empowered focus and unstoppable creativity? And, if 5 a.m. is just not your style – don’t worry, it isn’t for many, what if you just added one, new simple routine to your morning that would allow you to start your day with YOU!

When your creativity starts to flow and you are ready to chat about your next brilliant micro-course, email teachyourbrilliance@gmail.com.

One of the best perks of the 5 AM Club. You get to start with this. (One of my favorite sunrises caught on a trip in Temecula, CA.)

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