About Me

I am Kelley, a professional
Educator with over 20 years
of experience

My Story

I have always had a passion for education, specifically creating opportunities for others to gain access to education. This passion brought me to study community health education with the intention of serving in a way that I could increase the over health and wellness of our world through accessible education.

As a child, I was not only raised to value education, but taught that educational excellence was the key to success. Whether or not that was true, I learned in my educational journey to become an “educational chameleon” and shift and shape to the various teaching methods that were presented before me.

My love of working with others and skills with teaching led me to over 20 years of teaching health education in the K-12 public school system and university levels. I was committed to teaching with a variety of methods so that my students did not have to be “educational chameleons” as I did in order to experience academic success.

As part of my own educational journey, I pursued my Masters in Education – Curriculum and Instruction partially due to me desire to be able to design effective education. The university is a place where I still enjoy educating my students and empowering them to not only improve their health but improve the quality of life of others through education.

The birth of my two children lead me to pursue more of an entrepreneurial lifestyle. It was here where I took on a role as a curriculum coach to support entrepreneurs and soon learned that the very people who had the expertise and knowledge to share with others called for support to create and structure the content that would be the next game-changing online course for others.

It is my mission to increase access to education for all by showing others how to teach their brilliance, create lifelong clients and receive infinite revenue.