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There is no better way to raise your visibility and authority in your field while empowering others through education. Generate lifelong clients and infinite revenue along the way.

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The Teach Your Brilliance System

Thought provoking

All effective courses keep the student engaged. It’s the interest and the engagement that will uphold student desire to stay with the course and more importantly, complete it with success. Your students, being the professionals that they are, want to feel intellectually stimulated. Create a curriculum that is thought provoking so that your students stay committed from beginning to end.

Experience based

Research shows that when students can make a connection to the content being taught, they are more likely to remember the content being taught. With professionals, this is even more imperative so that there is not only a connection made but a clear relevance to their current business. Create a curriculum that brings in your students’ prior experience to activate their prior knowledge.


One of the main differences in traditional education and entrepreneurial course creation is the consideration of the diverse needs of the learners. All learners have their preferred ways to learn – visual, audio, learn through trying. Yet, most courses don’t provide a variety of ways for students to access the content. Create a curriculum that gives students a choice on how to access the information that is available to them.

Clear and Sequential

Effective courses focus on progression by strategically sequencing knowledge. The sequence of content being taught should be clearly aligned with the learning outcomes and support students’ natural advancement in learned skills. Create a curriculum that builds off of foundational skills first to ensure student success.

High expectations

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? The content should not only be taught in a way that is fitting for the discipline but it should provoke a sense of rigor. Courses should include assessments throughout to keep students mindful of their progression.  Create a curriculum that  will have students leaving with not only a sense of accomplishment but of achievement as well. 

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About Me

I am Kelley, a professional educator with over 20 years of experience

It’s an amazing feeling when my master in education in curriculum and instruction and years of teaching in the health education industry led me to supporting entrepreneurs in creating curriculum to teach their brilliance, ultimately empowering others through knowledge.


Share the knowledge and skills that you have learned with others and make a bigger impact. Kelley Tenny, has been working in Curriculum and Instruction for over 20 years. She is ready to take the guesswork out of curriculum creation and building online courses so that you can share your expertise without missing a beat in the other areas of your business


Every single person was created with intention. We are here in this world to generate impact, in our own, individual way. Cohesively, we can raise the vibration of our world by gifting others with our knowledge that will lead to freedom through education. How can teaching your brilliance change the world today.


Behind every entrepreneur is inspiration. The initial spark of light that led them to launch their business. It is so easy to get bogged down by the daily tasks and forget what the spark was. Creating a course can be overwhelming and that is the fastest way to lose inspiration. One of our main focuses is to help keep that spark lit with easy, implementable actions and systems for course creation so that you can teach your brilliance!


Education has been a topic that has been addressed by our most enlightened thinkers throughout time. It is in an enlightened state that humans generate their ideas and visions for their life and business. We are dedicated to enlightenment and empowerment through education as we unlock the key to the brilliance you hold within.

What my clients say about our services

I wanted to build an online sales training & coaching course and knew nothing about curriculum development. My core competency was sales, not course creation. I had no idea where to start or how to get it done. I hired Kelley and am not sure if I would have ever gotten it done without her help because it was so daunting in the beginning. She systematically stepped me through a process to take my subject matter expertise and put it into a course that has a logical flow of modules and lessons, each one delivering valuable content to the student. Kelley also kept me on track and moving through the process. Thanks to Kelley, my course launched in July, 2021.

Gwen Krilova
Gwen Krilova Coaching

I began working with Kelley Tenny in March 2021. We started with a general discussion on what type of class I wanted to create. Using her curriculum outline we began outlining my on-line course which I had not done before. We used Google Docs to communicate and work together on documents. As I gave her ideas, she helped me clarify my direction. We drafted an outline of the course including the course purpose and goals. From that we moved to course objectives and then divided those objectives into the 10 course modules. Throughout our work together Kelly reviewed my drafts, gave suggestions for clarity and provided resources. She also helped with understanding some of the details of the technology used. It was a tremendous experience with her constantly encouraging me and setting up doable tasks for our next session together. Kelley was organized, timely and included her professional knowledge and experience in assisting me in creating my course. I highly recommend Kelley as a coach in the development of courses and curriculum planning. Thank you, Kelley!

Coach Cindi Britton, Ed.D.
Life Coach-Educator-ADHD Specialist

Kelley provides clarity where you’re lacking. She walks you through the structure needed to develop a comprehensive course. She follows up and holds you accountable for the necessary information independent work, and she does it all with a practice, experienced, no-nonsense encouraging attitude I’ve worked with Kelley on two courses and will team up with her for at least two more.

Geriann Weisrook,
CEO Hey G! Social and Founder of Military Mama Network