Who is Kelley Tenny?

I have always had a passion for education, specifically creating opportunities for others to gain access to education. This passion brought me to study community health education with the intention of serving in a way that I could increase the over health and wellness of our world through accessible education.

My love of working with others and skills with teaching led me to over 20 years of teaching health education at the K-12 and university levels. As part of my own educational journey, I pursued my Masters in Education – Curriculum and Instruction partially due to my desire to be able to design effective education. A university is a place where I still enjoy educating my students and empowering them to not only improve their health but improve the quality of life of others through education.

The birth of my two children leads me to pursue more of an entrepreneurial lifestyle. It was here where I took on a role as a curriculum coach to support entrepreneurs and soon learned that the very people who had the expertise and knowledge to share with others called for support to create and structure the content that would be the next game-changing online course for others.

It is my mission to increase access to education for all by showing others how to teach their brilliance. 


Every single person was created with intention. We are here in this world to generate impact, in our own, individual way. Cohesively, we can raise the vibration of our world by gifting others with our knowledge that will lead to freedom through education. How can teaching your brilliance change the world today/


Behind every entrepreneur is an inspiration. The initial spark of light that led them to launch their business. It is so easy to get bogged down by the daily tasks and forget what the spark was. Creating a course can be overwhelming and that is the fastest way to lose inspiration. One of our main focuses is to help keep that spark lit with easy, implementable actions and systems for course creation so that you can teach your brilliance!


Education has been a topic that has been addressed by our most enlightened thinkers throughout time. It is in an enlightened state that humans generate their ideas and visions for their life and business. We are dedicated to enlightenment and empowerment through education as we unlock the key to the brilliance you hold within.

The T.E.A.C.H. Approach

What makes the T.E.A.C.H. Approach so unique is that it comes from Kelley’s 20 years of experience in education. Everyone has unique needs, both the teacher and the student. While many entrepreneurs create a course solely based on their knowledge, we know that there is so much more for educational success. It is time we advance the quality of online courses and your brilliance, when taught correctly can be a part of that. Build your community of learners with educational-based methods and see your students not only soar but come back from more of your brilliance.

Don’t wait any longer.
It’s the time to get your brilliance out there and empower others through education.
They are waiting to learn from you.