Online Course: 10 Essentials That You Want To Learn Before Creating One

Are you looking to create an online course? There are a number of things that you need to consider before you get started. You will want to make sure that your course has the right topic, provides value for people, and is designed in such a way that it’s easy for learners to follow along with. To help guide you through this process, we have compiled 10 essentials before creating an online course.

Online course creators dedicate their lives to helping others grow and progress in their chosen areas of expertise. Nonetheless, it is difficult for them to create a truly transformational and profitable course if they don’t engage in professional development of any kind.

Why professional development, you ask?

You are an expert in your niche field which is why you can generate revenue and create a greater impact by creating an online course. But, before you start teaching others what you know, first you may have a little learning to do yourself.

Remember that curriculum design is a qualified profession in its own right. Make sure that you have taken the time to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurial pedagogy before you dive in. This way you won’t spend your valuable time developing an online course that is not structured in a way that will bring your clients success.

10 Essentials That You Want To Learn Before Creating Your Online Course

  1. Choosing an online learning platform: The differences between major platforms and what features are most important for an online course creator
  2. Finding the benefits to your business, visibility, expertise, credibility, reputation, impact and revenue an online course will bring
  3. What types of content do you have in your arsenal that would make the perfect online course
  4. The fundamental of “entrepreneurial pedagogy” so that you can ensure your course is engaging and transformational for your clients
  5. Ways to ensure your course meets various learning styles, modes and preferences so that everyone can effectively learn from your course
  6. Strategies to price your online course
  7. How to design a course that provide your clients with the transformation that they are seeking
  8. Where and how to conduct your market research to ensure you build the perfect course that your clients are looking for
  9. Plan to structure, organize and lay out your course framework so that the course meets the intendend goals
  10. How to deliver the content efficiently so that clients feel like that are learning without getting overwhelmed

Does it seem like the list is endless? That’s because it is! Learning about the world of online course creation is no small feat. From pre-course research to determining the what and how to deliver your course to the launch and marketing, many courses fail because the creator hasn’t learned all of the necessary components of course creation.

Start Your Course Creation Journey Now

And, since curriculum development is s profession all in its own, it’s important to learn from the experts in the field. Find someone who is rooted in education to learn from. This will help set your course apart from many of the courses out there. It will also up-level the results that your clients see and get ready to teach your brilliance. Want to see if you have everything you need to get the conversation of your online course started? Grab my 3 Things You Need To Create an Online Course download.

As a curriculum expert of 20 years, I would love to know what areas you would love more support in! Schedule your 30 Minute Course Creation Session to see what your next steps should be.

Drop your learning wish in the comments or shoot me an email at teachyourbrilliance@gmail.com.

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